Until recently, there were rumors that Janasena President Pawan Kalyan will be contesting the upcoming elections from Bhimavaram.

But then, there is a change of mind all of a sudden.

Reports are coming in that Pawan Kalyan will be in the fray from Pitapuram. Pawan Kalyan feels it is better to contest from Pitapuram due to the Kapu community voting.

There are 91,000 Kapu community votes in Pitapuram which will make things easy for Pawan Kalyan.

Also, Pitapuram comes under the Kakinada Parliament. In Pitapuram, the Glass Symbol will be in both the Assembly and Parliament EVMs.

Also, East Godavari is the strongest district of Janasena. Pawan Kalyan contesting from there will have an impact in the neighboring seats as well, Janasena believes.

Former MLA Varma is the TDP incharge of Pitapuram. Varma is hellbent on getting the seat. Previously, Varma had a history of winning the constituency as an Independent. So, it is important that he is pacified.

Initially, TDP tried to retain the seat keeping Varma in mind but then, Janasena insisted on it. And now, with Pawan Kalyan himself contesting, Pitapuram will go to Janasena.

Janasena party already leased four acres of land here for two months and set up a helipad for Pawan Kalyan’s chopper to land. He will extensively campaign in Pitapuram.

The announcement is likely anytime after the Tadepalligudem meeting today.