Suresh, actor from the 90’s in Telugu cinema has blasted the government both in ruling and opposition for the way the entire Telangana issue has been handled. He especially had very strong words to say on Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi for her utter lack of respect for the sentiments of the people of a state and splitting the state purely for political gain. How can a person who has not seen what’s happening at the ground be in a position to form a decision and split the state, questioned the actor.

He also blamed the people of Seemandhra for the fiasco called Hyderabad, comparing it to golden goose, whose eggs can’t be shared, and the goose itself can’t be eaten. People instead of following the herd mentality should have developed other parts of the state which would have at least not aggravated the situation this bad. The actor channels the frustration that everyone is feeling and hoped that in the coming elections people take a wise decision and don’t be a sell out again.