Ambati Rambabu: Minister Of Opposition!Ambati Rambabu has become the minister in the recent cabinet reshuffle. He has been given the important Water resources portfolio by the Chief Minister.

Since then, he is clearly struggling and troubling the Government. Ambati was continuously in bad press exposing his lack of knowledge on irrigation projects.

Even on an important project like Polavaram, Ambati exposed his ignorance on many occasions and finally started counter-attacking saying what was wrong if does not know about the projects.

Whenever he speaks about Polavaram or any other project, he gives some meme and troll material to the opposition parties.

The other day, he gave them more material from his Gadapa Gadapaku program.

While the CM proudly says ‘Matham Choodam, Kulam Choodam, Party Choodam’, the Minister refusing road to a commoner because he belongs to TDP has come under media and social media radar.

“It is almost like Ambati has become the minister of the Opposition. He already has a dubious past of some sleazy phone calls that troubled YSR Congress. Jagan still gave him a chance and nothing changed,” YSR Congress supporters are themselves lamenting.