AP High Court Shocks Senior IAS OfficialAP High Court has shocked senior IAS officer Sri Lakshmi. The AP High Court struck down Sri Lakshmi’s review petition. The High Court‌ sentenced the official to do social service in contempt of court case.

The High Court has ruled that RBKs and village secretariats should not be built on school premises. But the concerned officials did not enforce the ruling for more than a year.

The High Court has sentenced eight IAS officers including Sri Lakshmi to two weeks in jail as part of contempt of court proceedings for non-enforcement of the verdict.

Later changed it to social service in social welfare hostels. they should go and serve one day a month in welfare hostels.

The service program will be carried out in hostels for a year. They were also ordered to bear the Students’ lunch and dinner expenses for one day.

The high court upheld the ruling of the earlier bench and dismissed the review petition.

After this judgment, it looks like Sri Lakshmi and the others have no option but to accept the verdict. They are unlikely to challenge this in Supreme Court.