The ongoing PPAs tussle between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is taking new twists every day. It was yesterday the APERC ruled out the plans of AP government withdrawing or cancelling the unapproved PPAs to avoid power sharing with Telangana. Andhra Pradesh Government has taken new route to find a way out. The government has decided to cancel the existing commission which gave the negative verdict and is bringing in new ERC in its place.

The government had already issued a G.O. for the new ERC on Tuesday. A Chairman and two members will be part of this new ERC.This move of the government may draw more criticism from the Telangana government but Andhra Pradesh is keen to use all the power produced in its geographical location. If AP goes on with this decision, 462 Mega Watts of power scarcity will occur in Telangana.

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization act-2014 divided the power available in United State according to the usage of the power in each region over the last 10 years. Accordingly Telangana is given 52.12% power generated in the state and AP is given the rest of the 47.88 power.