Postal Ballots

Andhra Pradesh is done with its important polling process as the state has wrapped up the polling process on the 13th of May. As the anticipation builds on the counting and subsequent results announcement on the 4th of June, there is a look at the postal ballot numbers.

As per reports, Andhra Pradesh has seen a national record turnout for the postal ballots as a mighty 5.39 lakh postal ballots were polled this year. It is overwhelmingly clear that the government employees have turned up in big numbers to cast their votes.

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Srikakulam district has reported the highest number of postal ballots at 38,865, followed by Nandyal with 25,283, and Kadapa with 24,918. Narasapuram has the lowest number of postal ballots, totaling 15,320.

In a closely fought election like what could be the case in 2024, such a huge number of postal ballots could easily be the game changer. If the disgruntled government employees polarize the votes and add to the anti-incumbency, then things could go haywire for YCP.

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In that case, YCP will start in deficit in all 175 constituencies as the postal ballots are opened first and they give an early trend of the swing votes. Coming back from this stage in almost all the constituencies could be a task and a half for the ruling party.