YS_Avinash_ReddyCBI had summoned Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy in Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case. He skipped the questioning today and asked for five more days time due to his prior appointments.

Avinash Reddy spoke to the media about the notices. “A section of the media has been making false allegations against me and my family for the last two and a half years. Those accusing should think again. Imagine how your families would feel if you are in my position,” Avinash Reddy told.

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But then, the allegations against Avinash Reddy were not made by the media. He is named in the list of suspects by Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter, Sunitha who is his close relative.

Avinash Reddy and his father were the first people to see Viveka’s dead body on that fateful day. They are also accused of cleaning the blood stains which amounts to erasing the evidence.

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All that happened while Sakshi and the YSR Congress leaders were saying that Viveka died of a heart attack.

Circumstantial evidence, in this case, points fingers at Avinash Reddy, and blaming the media is silly.

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In fact, he should be lucky to move freely despite carrying these allegations.

This is the first time the CBI has called the MP for questioning.