Avinash-Reddy-Vivekananda-ReddyAvinash Reddy is getting deeper and deeper involved in the Viveka murder case. Today, he is getting grilled by the CBI in connection with the case.

Today, Avinash Reddy is being grilled by the CBI for the last 4 hours. He will be investigated till 5 PM by the CBI.

The CBI is said to be questioning Avinash about the 4 crores funding in regard to the murder.

Also, the CBI is said to be investigating Avinash about the multiple phone calls he had with Gangi Reddy on the night of CBI murder. These WhatsApp calls between the duo have become a topic of conversation.

The CBI has also asked Avinash about why he persuaded and approached the approver in the case, Dasatagiri not to reveal the details of the case and try to cover up the facts.

Avinash is being questioned about why he tried to erase the evidence in the murder case. He is being investigated in multiple angles.