Balakrishna's Constituency Leads The Revolt Against JaganNandamuri Balakrishna’s Hindupur constituency is leading the revolt against Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Districts Reorganization plan. Hindupur Parliamentary constituency is named as Sri Sathya Sai district and Puttaparthi was made the district headquarters.

They are agitating to make Hindupur the district headquarter. Earlier Balakrishna also made the same demand to the Government. All parties have called for a Bundh in Hindupur today. All the commercial establishments voluntarily participated in the Bandh and closed down for the day.

While there are many objections over the districts, this is the first agitation by the public. Hindupur is traditionally a TDP stronghold. People suspect that that is the prime reason for Jagan not making it the district headquarter as it would give an advantage for the constituency.

We will have to see if the Government will budge after this agitation.