Balayya As Medicine For Chiranjeevi's Damage?The other day, Cinematography Minister Perni Nani in a press meet went on to reveal that Balakrishna wanted to meet CM Jagan on the Akhanda tickets issue but Jagan asked to do it without the former coming as such a move would hit his character.

It is not believable because Jagan has no history of being nice to anyone let alone to an opposition MLA. Moreover, Balakrishna meeting Jagan would be the biggest embarrassment for Chandrababu Naidu and Jagan would not let go of such opportunity at any cost.

But why did Nani say that now? Political experts say that there has been severe criticism on Jagan for making Chiranjeevi plead with him with folded hands during that meeting about ticket rates. Probably, Jagan wants to send a message that the ‘Chiranjeevi’ incident is coincidental and the proof of his good character is the Balayya incident.

“The Chief Minister may want us to think – if he is being so nice to an Opposition MLA, he can not be so mean/harsh to someone like Chiranjeevi. The Government also thinks Balayya would not come and condemn the incident,” they opine.