Bandi Sanjay It is known that BRS’s Kavitha had been called for investigation by the Enforcement Directorate. She is currently at the ED office in Delhi, taking part in the investigation.

On a related note, BJP Telangana wing president Bandi Sanjay made a controversial statement on Kavitha’s investigation yesterday.

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“People have been asking if Kavitha will get arrested in the Liquor case. What else should they do? Kiss her instead of arresting her?” Bandi said. This caused a huge uproar and BRS troops started riots across the state against Bandi.

Now, the women commission has sprung to action and has found fault with Bandi’s comment. They’ve ordered Bandi to personally attend the investigation on the case filed against him for speaking badly of a women – in this case, Kavitha.

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Bandi’s comment has come at a time when BRS is fighting allegations on Kavitha’s involvement in the Delhi Liquor Scam. This has given the party another reason to target BJP. They are on course to make something out of it and project BJP in the bad light while Kavitha faces investigation.