Bandla GaneshThe TRS MLAs poaching case has been one of the sensational developments in Telangana politics. It is still creating tremors in the Telangana political landscape.

Now, Bandla Ganesh himself has claimed that he too was questioned in connection with the case.

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“I’m revealing something new. I met a guy called Nandu unwittingly at a hotel. We kept spoking for a year or so. He kept talking illegal stuff with me and I I kept warning him against it. I later discovered that he was arrested by the SIT in connection with the MLAs poaching case”. Bandla said.

Bandla added that he was later called for investigation by SIT officials. This was to determine his relation with Nandu who was arrested.

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“I’m a truthful man. I never deleted the WhatsApp chats with Nandu and I showed the same to SIT team. They were amazed by it. Everyone else deleted the chats and stuff. But that isn’t me. I showed my honesty to SIT and they gave a shake hand to me while leaving” Bandla concluded.