The SHE teams regiment of Hyderabad police has started to crack down against public displays of affection and indecent behaviors in public and residential areas of the city.

From now on, indulging in public displays of love can lead to hefty fines and further legal action for repeated offenders. This is a move to curb the indecent behaviors of couples in parks, recreational facilities, and other public places.

The SHE teams have identified 400 such hotspots in Hyderabad which have the highest rate of indecent actions. These teams are equipped with spy cameras to capture the proofs of such offenses by couples in public places and what will follow is a legal course of action.

There have been several complaints about lovers ruining the decency of public areas by indulging in sexual acts and this move from the SHE teams is a move to curb the same.

A new WhatsApp number has been dedicated by the SHE teams where the public can report the occurrences of such punishable displays of love.