Bhavishyattuku Guarantee TDP Mini ManifestoTDP chief Chandrababu announced a mini manifesto named ‘Bhavishyattu Ku Guarantee’ at Rajamahendravaram Mahanadu. The Mini Manifesto has six schemes targeting women, youth, and BCs.

The mini-manifesto is designed in a way to target women, youth, farmers, and BCs. The schemes are especially very impressive for women voters.

1. Mahashakthi:

1500 Rupees pension to every women aged between 18 years and 59 years. This is the category of adult women not eligible for pensions. TDP promises to empower women with this scheme. This is first of its kind scheme in Telugu history. Women are also promised 15,000 Rupees yearly to every kid studying under Ammaku Vandhanam scheme. Currently, Amma Vodi is giving to only one kid for a mother. They are also promised three free gas cylinders every year and free RTC travel in district limits.

2. Yuvagalam:

Youth is the most neglected section in YSR Congress’s rule. Given that, there are no investments in Jagan’s rule, youth are suffering with no jobs and incomes. TDP promises 3000 Rupees monthly pension to unemployed youth. TDP promises to create 25 Lakh jobs after coming to power.

3. Annadata:

20,000 Rupees monetary help to every farmer every year. This is a scheme more enhanced than Rythu Bharosa scheme where Jagan is currently giving 7,500 rupees per year.

4. Intintiki Neeru:

Tapped water to every household in the state. This is very helpful for the drought-hit areas.

5. BClaku Rakshana Chattam:

An exclusive act to protect the Backward Classes (BCs) in the state on the lines of SC, ST protection acts.

6. Poor To Rich:

Chandrababu Naidu promises to enhance the living conditions of the poor by creating employement opportunities and revenue enhancement.