“Bigg Boss” Season 7 is approaching its conclusion in two weeks, with the grand finale set to take place on December 17. While the winner and the top 5 are not officially declared, polls and audience opinions suggest that Pallavi Prashanth is likely to emerge as the winner, and Shivaji may secure the runner-up position. Arjun Ambati has already secured a spot in the top 5.

In the latest nominations, there was intense drama and arguments among the housemates. Amardeep became a target for many housemates, with Priyanka nominating him, leading to a heated exchange. Pallavi Prashanth and Amar also had a confrontation, where Pallavi Prashanth accused Amar of cheating.

Shivaji nominated both Shobha and Priyanka. Arjun nominated Amardeep, expressing his belief that Amardeep wouldn’t change. Arjun also had a disagreement with Yavar. Shobha and Yavar engaged in a heated argument as well.

The speculation about eliminations and the final top 5 is intense among the audience. According to predictions, Shobha Shetty and Yavar are likely to be eliminated this week. As the season reaches its climax, the housemates are making strategic moves and alliances to secure their positions in the competition.