Narendra Modi Chandrababu Naidu Pawan Kalyan Chilakaluripeta

Telugu Desam Party and Janasena are cruising at the onset of the elections. Chandrababu Naidu announcing candidates for around a hundred seats in one go gave a very positive momentum for the alliance and the speed appeared like there was no stopping.

By then, some disgruntled supporters who were disappointed at Janasena seats also cooled down.

Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu brought the BJP into the alliance and everything got derailed.

Initially, the BJP was offered Six MLA and Six MP seats. The party arm-twisted TDP and Janasena to get 10 MLA seats and 6 MP Seats. They grabbed three MLA seats and One MP seat from Janasena and one MLA seat from TDP.

Grabbing the seats of Janasena for a non-existent party like BJP did not go well with that party’s supporters.

Later, we had the Chilakaluripeta meeting attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The very need for having the BJP in the alliance is to have a fair election and to rein in the Jagan Government. But the Prime Minister in his carefully-worded speech did not take Jagan’s name and that had disappointed the TDP – Janasena cadre.

Later, a Telangana BJP leader appeared in TDP’s MP list and that did not go well with the TDP cadre.

They are of the opinion that BJP’s arm-twisting tactics are nothing but ‘Rowdy Mamulu’ blackmailing in the name of free and fair elections.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission did not make any changes to the state official machinery and the police is only after TDP leaders. Nara Lokesh’s convoy has been searched for four times in the last three days. That indicates which way the machinery is working.

And the biggest disappointment is Raghu Rama Krishna Raju not getting the Narasapuram seat.

BJP fielded an unknown man for the seat that was supposed to be very easy if RRR got the ticket. RRR alleges that Pro-Jagan leader Somu Veerraju impressed upon the BJP high command to refuse a ticket for him.

Jagan dictating the BJP candidates is something the TDP and Janasena cadres can not digest. They are in a mood questioning the need of the alliance. There is no support whatsoever from the Central Government and on top of it, the BJP is grabbing seats and fielding candidates suiting the requirements of Jagan.

In these circumstances, it has to be seen how the vote transfer happens!

It is a fact that the alliance lost its momentum after the BJP joined. Now, it is up to Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan to liven up the spirits of the cadre by hitting the ground.