Black Magic Near KCR‘s House

BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao has been going through a rough phase ever since he lost the assembly elections in December 2023. After losing power, KCR sustained a hip injury and was hospitalised.

Later, many prominent leaders left his party and shifted to either BJP or Congress. Recently, his daughter Kavitha was arrested in connection with the Delhi Liqourgate scam.

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Nothing has been going in way for the last few months and now, it is being heard that black magic has been performed near his residence.

According to the latest reports, a few black magic tools (including a lemon, a soft toy, an egg, turmeric powder and kumkum) were found near KCR’s house in Nandinagar, Banjara Hills.

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Reportedly, unidentified people performed black magic rituals in a vacant land near KCR’s house. The video showcasing the black magic tools is now going viral on social media.

These reports are adding to the concerns of BRS leaders, who have been feeling that their party and its president have been caught by bad omens in recent months.

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It is heard that they are now doubting that this alleged black magic could be one of the reasons behind KCR’s bad phase post assembly elections.