YCP Leaders

It is official that TDP will be contesting 151 seats while Janasena will be in the fray for the remaining 24 seats in the upcoming elections.

To begin with, TDP announced 94 candidates and Janasena announced five seats.

YSR Congress is expecting Janasena to fight and get more seats so that it can run over the party in those seats easily since Janasena lacks mechanism at the grassroots and electioneering skills.

A small example of this. Hours after the list is out, a Blue Media has written a story saying ‘బలమైన నేతగా ఉన్న బడుకొండ అప్పలనాయుడుకే (నెల్లిమర్ల) వైసీపీ మరోమారు టికెట్ ఇస్తోంది. ఇపుడు జనసేనకు టికెట్ ఇవ్వడంతో వైసీపీ నెత్తిన పాలు పోసినట్లు అయింది అని అంటున్నారు’.

YSR Congress, Blue Media, and the entire ecosystem are disappointed that Janasena has got seats per its strength.

So they are venting out their frustration by spewing venom.

After the candidates were announced, protests were imminent in some places as some leaders were denied tickets.

Blue Media Channels are amplifying such stray incidents giving extensive screen space to such protests. But the fact remains that TDP and Janasena together announced candidates in 99 seats and there are protests in less than a dozen seats.

There are hours of Analysis trying to provoke a section of Janasainiks who feel twenty-four seats are less.

Here is what a Blue Channel has to say in a program. “What if BJP gets more seats than Janasena? How many more seats Janasena will get in the remaining seats?” – the learned channel asks in its Seat-sharing Analysis program.

No one with basic political knowledge will ask the question – What if BJP gets more seats than Janasena?

Both Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu said Janasena will contest in 24 out of the 175 seats and what is this question – How many more seats Janasena will get in the remaining seats?

This is just a ploy to enrage the disappointed Janasena supporters to stop the vote transfer somehow. These Media outlets are on an overdrive breaking bangles on the seat-sharing since that joint pressmeet of Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan.

But then, this disappointment is going to be temporary. Very soon, everyone will come to terms with the reality and everything will be set by the time the notification comes. All these attempts by YSR Congress and its ecosystem will prove to be futile.