JanaSena-Blue-MedaiJanasena party announced contesting in 32 seats of Telangana in the Assembly elections. The party has released a list of the constituencies as well. As of now, there is no alliance for Janasena in Telangana.

Blue Media which is losing sleep over the alliance of TDP and Janasena is trying its level best to create disturbances between both the parties. Their only hope is that Janasena demands and gets more seats making it easy to take advantage of the party’s lack of organizational structure.

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They have been making ridiculous assumptions and stories about the seat-sharing arrangements between the parties.

The latest is – “Janasena is weak in Telangana. If it contests 32 seats in Telangana which is 25% of the total seats, it will be a minimum of 50 seats in Andhra Pradesh where it is stronger”.

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This argument looks like someone who has no political experience.

Janasena can even contest in all the 119 seats of Telangana because it is contesting alone there. In Andhra Pradesh, it is not just about Janasena’s strength. Winning over Jagan is paramount for Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu.

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The seats are allocated based on the strength of each party. It is not like since Janasena is contesting in 32 seats in Telangana, it should contest in a minimum of 50 seats in Andhra Pradesh.

Blue Media will wish for Janasena contesting in most constituencies giving an advantage to the ruling party. But masquerading its daydreams as political analysis.