BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao said that he would be in the Prime Minister position’s race if given a chance. This afternoon, he held a press meet ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in the state.

Speaking at the meeting, KCR said that if he gets a chance, he would like to be in the PM chair’s race. He also stated that senior leader Suresh Reddy will be representing BRS in Delhi from now on, after Keshava Rao’s exit.

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Meanwhile, KCR also stated that BRS would most likely win 12-14 seats in Telangana. He said the BJP would win one or none. He added that Congress would be in the third position in nine constituencies.

KCR opined that BJP would hardly win 200 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. He said that the coalition of regional parties would form the government in the country, with BRS playing a major role in it.

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On the other side, the phone-tapping scandal has been one of the hot topics in Telangana for the last couple of months. It was alleged that the former BRS government tapped phone calls of influential personalities in the state, with the help of police officials.

KCR had been tight-lipped about the issue for many days. Recently, he denied being a part of this scandal.

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Former DCP, Radha Kishan Rao, who has been one of the primary accused in the case, accused KCR as the one who orchestrated the phone-tapping scandal.

When asked about these allegations in the press meet, KCR said that he doesn’t know Radha Kishan Rao. He said many DCPs work in the state and a Chief Minister need not know all of them.

“The Chief Minister’s job is to hear the reports given by the intelligence department. Every day, the intelligence department gives a report to the CM about the security concerns in the state,” said KCR.

He added that phone tapping is done solely by the police department under the guidelines of the central home secretary. He asked people and media not to believe in the silly allegations made by the Congress government.