CBI-Avinash-Reddy-Vivekananda-Reddy-Murder-CaseIn a significant development, the CBI officials have presented various points in their counter to YS Bhaskar Reddy’s bail petition in the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case. One of the key revelations is that YS Avinash Reddy, the Member of Parliament from Kadapa, has been named as the eighth accused (A8) in the case.

The CBI, which had previously considered Avinash Reddy as a witness and questioned him multiple times, has now classified him as an accused for the first time. The officials have alleged that Avinash Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy were involved in a conspiracy to tamper with evidence, indicating a concerted effort by father and son to hinder the investigation.

According to the CBI’s counter, there is an ongoing investigation into the plot to kill Viveka and the larger conspiracy surrounding the destruction of evidence. The officials revealed that Gangireddy had communicated with Avinash Reddy and Sivashankar Reddy prior to 5:20 a.m. on the day of the incident and that Avinash Reddy arrived at the crime scene within a minute of N. Sivashankar Reddy’s phone call.

The counter also claims that attempts were made by Avinash Reddy, Bhaskar Reddy, and Sivashankar Reddy to influence Dastagiri into withholding information from the CBI and the court. In the midst of these developments, YS Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter, Sunitha, has urged the CBI court not to grant bail to YS Bhaskar Reddy.

She has submitted written arguments emphasizing the importance of a thorough investigation into her father’s murder and expressing concerns about the potential impact on witnesses and the overall investigation if Bhaskar Reddy were to be released on bail. Sunitha cited the statements of several witnesses implicating Bhaskar Reddy in her plea.