Chandrababu NaiduYSR Congress has been propagating for a long time that Chandrababu Naidu will not be contesting from Kuppam in the 2024 elections fearing defeat. Kuppam is the fortress of the Telugu Desam Party. Naidu is a seven-time MLA from the Kuppam constituency. So, this claim seems to be far-fetched.

YSR Congress has been arm-twisting to win all local elections in the constituency and is expecting the same in the Assembly elections. But that is not always possible. For instance, TDP won Nandhyal By-election in 2017 with a record majority of 25K+ votes but went on to lose the Assembly election with a 34K+ votes majority.

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Now, a new story is that Chandrababu will be contesting from the same Nandhyal constituency in the 2024 elections. Blue Media writes that Chandrababu intentionally got arrested in Nandhyal having fixed upon the constituency much earlier.

But the big question is why would Naidu choose Nandhyal?

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In the ten elections that happened in Nandhyal after the inception of the TDP, the party won five times only.

Out of these five times, the party did not win a single election since 2004 except for that by-election in 2017.

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Ever since the defeat in 2019, Naidu has not given an impression of concentrating on Nandhyal, forget about the special interest of his own seat. In fact, he only neglected the constituency without making a decision about the internal issues of the party.

If Naidu were to seek a safe seat fearing defeat in Kuppam, there are at least a dozen TDP-strong seats across the state. so, the claim looks very less likely.