KCR follows Chandrababu Naidu

CPI leader Narayana made sensational comments as the Telangana elections heated up. Narayana claimed that KCR and KTR attempted to meet Chandrababu, seeking his support as they were aware of KCR’s potential defeat in the assembly elections. However, Chandrababu made it clear that he did not agree to meet KCR.

Following Chandrababu’s controversial arrest, the behavior of KCR and KTR drew attention. BRS leaders are reportedly trying to seek Chandrababu’s support again to recover from the political damage.

CPI leader Narayana’s comments highlight the fear within BRS regarding the impact of Chandrababu’s factor in the Telangana General Elections.

The question arises: Can CBN accurately predict KCR’s defeat in advance? If Chandrababu agrees to meet KTR, it could send positive signals at the ground level in favor of BRS.

Although TDP has not yet decided its stand in the Telangana elections, every party leader’s meeting seems to be visibly associated with TDP flags.

Some leaders who switched from TDP to BRS openly display TDP flags in their meetings. The Congress party is using TDP flags in its campaign and alleging that KCR is behind Chandrababu’s illegal detention.