Jagan Chandrababu Naidu

These days, Politics has become more about telling good about yourself than doing good.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy had mastered the art of doing that. Here is an example of that.

Jagan has given ticket to a Sarpanch, Eera Lakkappa in Madakasira. He is formerly a teacher.

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YSR Congress has given extensive publicity about giving tickets to a common man in Sakshi, Blue Media, YouTube Channels, and through paid articles in English Publications.

They are trying to portray Jagan as the messiah of the poor.

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Keeping that aside, let us see how Chandrababu is doing.

Telugu Desam Party has given a ticket to Miriyala Sirisha Devi, a poor Anganwadi in the Rampachodavaram constituency. But TDP completely failed to take this to the world.

Giving a ticket to an Anganwadi is bigger than giving a ticket to a Sarpanch. But TDP failed to tell the world the good it has done.

Even on Google Search, there are 10s of links about Eera Lakkappa while barely 1-2 about Sirisha, indicating how TDP is lagging behind.

YSR Congress is intelligently using Eera Lakkappa to influence the voters.