Andhra Pradesh CM Nara Chandra Babu Naidu met the press today to showcase the inefficiency of the previous government in the electricity sector. During the same meeting, he revealed his stand on the threatening comments made by Pulivendula MLA YS Jagan. Chandra Babu is very clear on his stand against his political rivals.

He said, “They will keep on talking like this. In the disguise of politicians, these criminals have ruined the state’s economy. They disrupted the entire system and now became a big challenge to the same system. After being in power for five years, they became a headache for us.”

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“We started implementing solutions with a long time approach already. However, I am very clear with the fact that the criminals can never escape from our government,” he added.

“No one can threaten us and at the same time, we will never do victimization. We will run the government systematically. No one will be spared if committed a mistake and we will not bend for the threats of these politicians,” said Chandra Babu with a strong and firm voice.

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After taking charge, Chandrababu Naidu is exposing how corrupted the previous government was in Andhra Pradesh. He is also assuring to set the things right as soon as possible.

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