Chandrababu Naidu KCR

Chandrababu Naidu is slowly resuming his political campaign after the skill case. In one of his first campaigns after the release, Naidu has spoken about the recent defeat of KCR.

Addressing the crowd at a public meeting, Naidu commented about BRS and KCR’s defeat.

“We all have seen how people will teach politicians a lesson of they go overboard and cross the limit. The same thing was seen in Telangana recently and we will see something similar in Andhra Pradesh as well” Naidu said.

Naidu pointed out at KCR’s defeat in Telangana as a response for his overly aggressive tactics and implied that Jagan will also meet with a similar fate in AP in next three months.

Needless to say, Jagan is even harder than KCR when it comes to aggressive and offensive politics, so Naidu is of the opinion that the YCP chief will face a similar result like KCR soon in AP polls.

CBN is now set to lead an intense political campaign in Andhra Pradesh and will look to work the anti incumbency in AP, much like the way the opposition worked with negativity on BRS in Telangana.