The process of upgrading the ‘e-office’ system, which has raised numerous doubts across the state, has been halted. The Central Election Commission (EC) has directed relevant authorities, including the National Informatics Center (NIC), to maintain the ‘e-office’ in its current state. The EC summoned the concerned officials for a meeting at 3 PM on Friday.

The EC requested explanations regarding the security concerns associated with the upgrade. Despite officials providing explanations about the process, the EC, considering the many doubts raised, has ordered that the upgrade should only be carried out after the elections. Officials have confirmed to the commission that the process has been postponed.

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The decision by the Jagan government to shut down the e-office from the 17th to the 25th of this month for an upgrade had become controversial. With election polling now completed and results to be declared on June 4, there is a widespread belief that the NDA government might be formed in the state based on the polling pattern. This context has amplified the controversy surrounding the decision to shut down the e-office for an upgrade.

There are concerns that the e-office, which contains many hidden Government Orders (GOs) issued by the Jagan government over the past five years, could be tampered with. Fearing potential repercussions if the government changes, leaders decided to shut down the e-office under the pretext of an upgrade to possibly destroy critical, controversial, and suspicious files.

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TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has also responded to this issue. He wrote a letter to Governor Abdul Nazir, expressing concerns about the e-office upgrade process and requesting a halt until a new government is formed. He emphasized the importance of preserving all files, note files, and records already stored in the e-office.

Taking this matter seriously, the EC has ordered the suspension of the e-office upgrade process until the end of the election process, mandating that it continue to operate in its current form.

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