TDP & Janasena's Perfect Seat-Sharing Formula

If elections were to take place in the Bapatla parliamentary constituency, it is speculated that a potential alliance between TDP and Jana Sena Party would likely secure a clean sweep in five out of the six Assembly seats, with the YSRCP predicted to win only in the Bapatla Constituency.

The specific seats mentioned in the report include Vemuru, Repalle, Parchur, Addanki, Santanuthalapadu Chirala, and Bapatla.

In the Ongole parliamentary constituency, the same alliance between TDP and Jana Sena is anticipated to dominate the electoral landscape.

It is predicted that the alliance would likely secure victories in Ongole, Kondapi, Markapuram, Giddalur, and Kanigiri Legislative Assembly seats, with the YSRCP expected to win in Yerragondapalem and Darshi constituencies.

The report suggests that the people’s verdict would be clear in these parliamentary and Assembly elections, with a notable possibility of a favorable outcome for the TDP and Jana Sena alliance.

It’s also hinted that one of the constituencies, either Darsi or Chirala, may go to Jana Sena as part of the alliance.

It’s important to note that these speculations are based on current assessments and may be subject to change based on evolving political dynamics.

TDP has yest to announce it’s nominees for Bapatla and Ongole Parliament Segments.