Close to 10,000 Objections Over New DistrictsIn January, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced reorganizing the existing thirteen districts into twenty-six districts. The draft containing new districts and revenue divisions has been published in the gazette.

People were given one month time to give any objections if any. Close to 10,000 objections have come from the people and various organizations. People of every new district have at least five concerns.

“This is an indication of the haphazard reorganization the government has done without proper homework,” experts opine. Collectors are supposed to segregate these objections and forward them to the Planning department. Scientific analysis has to be done into these objections and then, their merit will be decided.

Now, there are doubts if the Government will take these objections seriously or go about with their own thoughts.

Buzz is that the government wants to bring the new districts by Ugadi. So, the time is ticking. The Union Government can ban the changing of borders of districts starting June to facilitate census. So, the state government is keen on finishing the process as soon as possible.