Nandamuri Balakrishna won twice from Hindupur and is gearing up for a hattrick.

When TDP won just three seats in the entire Rayalaseema in 2019, Balakrishna was one of the three and he even bettered his 2014 majority.

YSR Congress is looking completely clueless for 2024 as well.

Now, a Swamy is trying to scare Balakrishna here. Paripoornanda Swamy tried to get the BJP ticket from the Hindupur Parliament. But TDP retained the seat.

The Swamy was angry with TDP and had announced contesting as an independent from the Hindupur Assembly and Parliament.

He is trying to blackmail and take revenge on the TDP by contesting as Rebel for Balakrishna.

He is giving TV interviews against Balakrishna and TDP vowing to show his Thadaka in the elections.

In 2019, the BJP candidate got 1.18% votes in the Hindupur Assembly which is less than the votes of the Congress. And for the Hindupur Parliament, the BJP candidate got 1.03% votes again less than the Congress candidate.

This Swamy without even the BJP symbol is trying to scare Balakrishna and that too in Hindupur.

This threat of the Swamy is more like a Comic Relief for Balakrishna when he begins his campaign in Hindupur later this week.