Anil Kumar Yadav Responds On Political Asceticism

Most YSR Congress Party leaders are known for their abusive language and loose tongues. During their rule, YCP leaders made derogatory comments against rival leaders on various occasions.

All leaders who are known for their “boothulu” were defeated in the recently held elections. Former Minister Anil Kumar Yadav, known for his offensive language, was also among them.

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He lost to Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu by 159,729 votes in the Narasaraopet Lok Sabha constituency. Many believe that Anil’s “Noti Dhula” was a significant factor in his crushing defeat.

Responding to this, Anil said that if they truly made mistakes in their governance, they would accept the people’s mandate and work to correct those mistakes.

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During the elections, Anil said he would quit politics if they lose. Now, when asked about that challenge, Yadav smartly evaded it by saying that though he threw the challenge, no one accepted it.

“When you throw a challenge, one should accept it. They didn’t accept the challenge back then and are now speaking about it after winning the elections,” said Anil.

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Regarding Pawan Kalyan, Yadav said he never said he would not allow Pawan Kalyan to cross the assembly gate.

He said that Pawan Kalyan lost in 2019 and won in 2024. He stressed that politics is like a cycle, involving both wins and losses.