Demonetization Secrets Danger to Country's Economic Interests?Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is refusing to give the details of demonetization exercise For an RTI Query, RBI refused to give the details saying that giving such details is detrimental to the Financial interests of the country.

The RTI Query sought the background information including opinions, data, studies/ surveys etc. made prior to the completion of the process of withdrawal of legal tender character of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Interestingly, even months after the Demonetization process, RBI did not reveal the quantum of Notes that have come back to the banks which will give an idea about the Demonetization gains.

So, Demonetization continues to be a well-guarded secret of India as RBI remains tight-lipped protecting Political Interests. But then the common man continues to suffer as cash crunch is still on in the banks and the ATMs are still sporting those No Cash Boards.