Employee Association Leaders Still In Jagan's Grip?AP Government Employees are likely to go on a strike from February 7th and they will serving the strike notice to the Chief Secretary on January 25th. Ever since the CPS Pension scheme cancelation to PRC issue, Associations leaders always looked like they are favorable to the ruling party.

Now, with Employees revolting, they have no way but to take the anti-government stand. Even then, the leaders are trying to help the Government in one way or another. They have announced that political parties will not be allowed into their agitation.

They have called for the Employees to not fall in the trap of the Opposition parties. Usually, in issues like this, the associations would want the political parties to support them to exert pressure on the Government. But they are trying to help the Government so that Opposition parties do not get advantage.

But why should Employees Associations worry if the Opposition gets political mileage? The answer is pretty obvious.