Even Lokesh Does Not Have Access To MokshagnaMuch is being said about Nandamuri scion, Mokshagna, who turns 27 today. Mokshagna’s father, Balakrishna announced that he is already working on Aditya 999, which will mark the debut of the former. This project is likely to start rolling next year.

A fair few snaps of Mokshagna had surfaced on the internet in the past. In the majority of these snaps, Mokshagna looked out of shape and disappointed Nandamuri fans big time.

Now that Mokshagna’s debut is not too far, Nandamuri fans hoped to get a glimpse of the youngster today, on the occasion of his birthday. But that isn’t to be. A clear snap of Mokshagna in his current look hasn’t surfaced on the internet.

Even TDP scion Nara Lokesh used a dated picture of Mokshagna while wishing the latter on his birthday. Nandamuri fans, who hoped Lokesh would use a lesser seen and more recent snap of Mokshagna to wish him are left disappointed now.

There is a lot of anticipation surrounding Mokshagna‘s new look and it might quite a while before we get a clear view of the youngster. As for Nandamuri fans, they are hoping that Mokshagna builds a toned physique and flaunts the same in his debut film.