Pawan_Kalyan_Fans_Renu_DesaiRenu Desai and Pawan Kalyan are separated and moved on. Pawan Kalyan has married once again and is having a family. Renu Desai is trying to make a career in direction and is living with the children.

But then, a few Pawan Kalyan fans are poking Renu Desai for one reason or the other.

Every time they do, Renu Desai is hitting back strongly saying that Pawan Kalyan’s fans lack decency. She is also pleading that they stop portraying her as a villain.

Renu Desai made two such comments on this issue in the last couple of days.

In both instances, the comments have got tremendous attention from the media. We have seen them interpreting these comments as they wish. More often, the comments are hitting Pawan Kalyan and his political image.

Pawan Kalyan already has many issues to deal with in politics and fans are unnecessarily adding to that headache by instigating Renu Desai on this sensitive issue.

Even if she says something only to Pawan Kalyan fans, they are no longer fans but are Janasainiks. It is portrayed as indiscipline of them which again impacts Janasena.

It’s better Pawan Kalyan fans stop touching on sensitive issues like that Renu Desai’s understanding of the gravity of the situation.