Janasena Glass Symbol

Jana Sena Party got a huge respite before the elections as the Andhra Pradesh High Court backed the Election Commission’s decision to assign the “glass tumbler” symbol to them.

Previously, the Election Commission had designated the “glass tumbler” as Jana Sena’s common symbol. However, the same symbol was also included in the list of free symbols because Jana Sena is a registered party and not a recognised party.

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At the same time, the Rashtriya Praja Congress Party went to the High Court and filed a petition against the Election Commission’s decision to grant the symbol to Jana Sena.

They filed a petition challenging EC’s decision and lodged another writ petition seeking the “glass tumbler” symbol, claiming they had applied for the same symbol way before Jana Sena.

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After hearing arguments from both parties, the court reserved its judgment. Today, it announced its decision and dismissed both petitions filed by Rashtriya Praja Congress.

The magistrate stated that since Jana Sena had previously used the symbol in the 2019 elections, they would be given preference for it this time as well.

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This symbol dispute has been a big headache for Jana Sena during this critical election period. Hence, the court’s verdict brought immense relief to both Pawan and his party members.