Governor To Question New Three Capitals Bills?There are rumors that Andhra Pradesh Government is going to bring new bills pertaining to the three capitals in the upcoming Assembly session.

Previously, the High Court has ruled in favor of Amaravati and the government agreed to withdraw the bills.

Former Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam says bringing back the bills will be equal to contempt of the court.

“Chief Secretary will be in the dock if that happens. The court may question the secretary of the Law department. Even Governor can question how the bills can be tabled,” LV Subrahmanyam said.

Legal experts concur with LV on this issue. “If the government has an issue with the verdict of the High Court, it should be challenged in the Supreme Court. Trying to bring back bills with the same purpose despite clear judgment will amount to contempt,” legal experts say.

Earlier the Chief Minister announced that they will bring back the capital bills in a different form after wider consultations. But nothing of such sort happened to date.