Hari Rama JogaiahHari Rama Jogaiah is in his 90s and is still trying to do politics. Jogaiah who identifies himself as a Kapu leader is trying his level best to get close to Janasena using a Kapu card.

Pawan Kalyan has met Jogaiah once recently and that has motivated the old man to become a political expert.

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He keeps on releasing letters giving political advice to Pawan Kalyan.

But it looks like Jogaiah’s mission is to foil the TDP and Janasena alliance by ensuring that Pawan Kalyan makes unrealistic demands in the alliance.

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“Caste, corruption, and Ranga murder are going to be big disadvantages for TDP if Janasena wants to ally,” Jogaiah writes.

“Janasena should not settle for anything less than half of the seats and two years of Power-sharing if the alliance is imminent,” he tells Pawan Kalyan.

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If Jogaiah is Janasena’s wellwisher, he can always ask Pawan Kalyan to get a better deal in seat-sharing or even power-sharing. But if he speaking about caste, corruption, and even Ranga murder, we should doubt his interests.

Ranga Murder is a thing of the 1980s. If Jogaiah thinks it is relevant even today, either he is suffering from Dementia or trying to kill Janasena by alienating the party and thereby defeating it in 2024.

In either case, it is dangerous. You can not suggest terms for an alliance and at the same time, make allegations on the same party.

We will see him attack Pawan Kalyan as well before 2024 just like how he attacked Chiranjeevi during Praja Rajyam days after initially supporting the party.