How-to-Interpret-Telangana-Elections-from-Andhra-Pradesh-POVTelangana Elections are now complete and TRS has come back to Power for the Second Term with a Sensational Majority. Mahakutami which has pinned all the hopes on Andhra Origin Voters to tilt the results in their favour have got disappointed as all the parties in the coalition managed to get only 21 seats.

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Many believe that Andhra Voters have rejected Mahakutami and some say this even reflects the anti-incumbency on TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh. GHMC has rallied with TRS just like how it did in GHMC Elections but then Khammam which shares the border majorly with Andhra Pradesh districts stood firmly with Mahakutami.

TDP’s Two seats are from this district only. So, there is a divided opinion if Andhra Origin Voters really turned against TDP. TRS got benefitted in GHMC due to the Caste Division and Urban Settlers getting divided on the lines of their supporting parties of Andhra Pradesh. So, political observers say there is a mixed response to TDP from this elections.

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Also, the local factors have also played a crucial role in this election and one more section of settlers have also identified themselves with the local people. And so, the Political Observers say the Verdict of Telangana may not be the right parameter to gauge but at the same time, this defeat will definitely impact the public perception on the TDP Government.