Live-in relationships are becoming increasingly popular in the urbane pockets of India. While some are organic, some are just traps laid by scammers to lure others in, and then get financial benefits from the same. Here’s one such story that happened in Hyderabad.

C Kiran Kumar, a software engineer had been staying in a room in Krishna Nagar. He posted a requirement for a flatmate to share the house. A women approached him through online mediums and they moved in together. They then grew fond of each other and started a live-in relationship.

The couple then moved to Kukatpally. After a few days, the woman revealed that she was a prostitute. Kiran was shocked by it and asked her to move out. She refused and in turn, filed a police complaint that he is harassing her. The police gave counseling to both of them.

Then came the more interesting part where the women blackmailed to share their intimate photos on social media and trapped Kiran for Rs 4.7 lakh. And on top of that she paid two men to physically attack Kiran. She also shared those intimate photos on social media.

After getting hurt physically and mentally, Kiran lodged a police complaint against the lady. The police have started investigating the case now.