vivek venkataswamy

Former Member of Parliament Vivek, who recently switched from BJP to Congress and secured a ticket for the Chennuru Assembly Segment, is currently under investigation by Income Tax officials. The searches are being conducted at Vivek’s residence in Manchiryal on allegations of significant money transfers for election-related activities.

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The investigation is reportedly focusing on a cash transfer of 8 crore rupees to the accounts of Visakha Industries and Vigilance Security on the 13th of this month. Saifabad police received complaints about this money transfer from an unknown account, leading to the freezing of the 8 crore rupees. The police then brought the matter to the attention of Election Commission, Income Tax, and Enforcement Directorate officials.

As part of the ongoing searches, IT officials are conducting raids not only at Vivek’s residence but also at other locations, including those of his relatives. The investigation aims to uncover the details and legality of the alleged money transfers, especially in the context of election funding.

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Vivek is the richest politician in Telangana as per his election affidavit. Till one month back, he is one of the leaders in BJP. Vivek is not active in BJP for some time. Those in BJP also know that he is thinking of changing the party anytime.