With the aspirations of becoming the youngest Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy just managed to be the youngest opposition leader of the state. While still in deep disappointment, Jagan is very anxious to prove that Chandra Babu Naidu deceived people with false promises. Even before 24 hours after Chandra Babu swore as Chief Minister, Jagan shot a letter asking him not to deviate from promises and criticizing Babu for fooling people with committee on Loan Waiver.But Jagan is conveniently forgetting that 24 hours time is not enough to make a waiver of 80000 Crores and that too with a deficit budget.

Instead of giving Babu time and pounce up on him after making mistake, Jagan is eagerly attacking him too early which is showing him as a desperate man to the public. He is showing himself as a person who wants Chandra Babu to fail and farmers suffer in turn. Farmers across the state are aware that Chandra Babu do not want to dent his credibility and they are also sure of the financial condition of the state and are ready to give Babu enough time. With these kind of attacks, Jagan will only lose his credibility further in the people.