Is It Correct to Blame Pawan Kalyan for TDP's Loss? Telugu Desam Party has ended with a humiliating loss in the just concluded Elections. Pawan Kalyan who contested alone from his Janasena Party had a disastrous debut with just One Seat and himself losing from both the seats he contested. Both the parties will take a long time to recover from this shock and the next five years are going to be very tough.

When the third party entered the race, it is confirmed that it will eat into the existing Vote Share. Janasena has dented TDP’s chances in 31 Assembly Segments and 8 Parliament Segments. Even if Janasena performed worse and all these seats went into TDP’s account, the result would not change.

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For one reason or other, there is severe anti-incumbency on the TDP Government. The Cycle Party Supporters would say it is manufactured anger. Maybe yes, but still that is the truth. The anger has swept even the strongholds of TDP. If the votes of TDP did not go to Janasena, there is a chance that those votes may still go to YSR Congress.

There is no use of blaming Janasena for this fiasco. TDP should retrospect about what went wrong and try to come back strongly. YSR Congress will try its level best to pull TDP further down. It is not an easy road going forward but TDP has done that previously and should be in a better position to anticipate things and act accordingly.

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