6 Accidents Hyd

In Hyderabad, a drunken driver caused a series of six accidents across different areas, which led to one death and severe injuries to 11 others.

Getting into details, Patharla Kranthi Kumar, was highly intoxicated when he created a ruckus at the city’s IT corridor on Sunday night.

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Between 12:30 am and 1:30 am, Kranthi was involved in six accidents, spanning from IKEA to Kamineni Hospitals near Raidurg Police Station. One of these accidents resulted in the death of a young person, while 11 others sustained serious injuries.

Kranthi, a resident of Pragathi Nagar, was driving home on Sunday night after consuming a heavy amount of alcohol. Near Ikea, he hit a stationary car, causing injury to a woman.

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Ignoring the incident, Kranthi continued in his car. Near Gachibowli’s Babu Khan line, he hit a motorcycle, resulting in severe leg injuries for the rider and serious injuries to two others. Another accident occurred near Pista House and thankfully, no injuries were reported on the other side.

The local residents recognized the consecutive accidents caused by Kranthi. Immediately, they chased and caught him. After a severe beating, he was handed over to the cops at the Raidurg Police Station.

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A reading of 550 was noticed when a breath analyser test was conducted by the police for Kranthi. He was arrested and a case was filed against him.