Nara Brahmani IT MeetSince YS Jagan introduced I-PAC into Andhra Pradesh politics, the digital mudslinging has escalated to a new level. Currently, a fierce digital war is raging.

Yesterday, supporters of Chandrababu Naidu from Hyderabad, who work in the IT industry, attempted to organize a large car rally to show their support for the former CM, known for his tech-savviness.

However, the AP police department made every effort to prevent these IT professionals from Telangana from reaching Rajahmundry. Meanwhile, YSR Congress supporters on social media engaged in baseless mudslinging against these IT professionals.

Their argument centers around the notion that women working in the IT industry don’t wear sarees, using photos of women who have met Nara Brahmani as evidence. They have tried to label them as paid groups, similar to how they portrayed Amaravati farmers as paid artists.

YSRCP supporters blindly resort to these cheap tactics to deviate the attention from their leader’s mistakes, but neutral observers take note. Before they realize it, these individuals end up doing more harm to their party than the opposition.

Are women working in IT not allowed to wear sarees? Is this how things work in the families of these paid groups who are abusing them on social media? May God save them and their party in the next elections.