JanaSena supremo Pawan Kalyan interacted with the party cadres today and spoke about the coming election campaign in Andhra Pradesh. He breathed fire on YS Jagan during the meeting.

“I bore the apprehensions of the center for the sake of AP people. My intention was to materialize a stable alliance between TDP, JSP, and BJP which can’t be shattered by anyone and that is a reality now. Our alliance is forming the government this term and there is no one who can stop it” Pawan said.

About Sharmila, Pawan said she was cheated in broad daylight by Jagan Reddy. “Jagan didn’t give Sharmila her rightful share in Sakshi Media Group, Bharathi Cements, and other businesses. If he didn’t give his family assets to his own sister, what favors would he do to the people of Andhra Pradesh? If Jagan says Siddham, we are ready for Yuddham. But my doubt is if Jagan has the range to combat our best efforts”.

Pawan Kalyan said that there is a need for his party men to be able to fund their political campaigns as he noted that electioneering requires monetary strength. At the same time, Pawan said he isn’t instructing his party leaders to spend money for votes or anything as such.