Jagan Government Running Mafia with Four MinistersHindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna is touring his constituency to campaign for the party candidates ahead of the municipal elections. Balayya alleged that YSR Congress is running a Mafia in the state with four ministers. He warned the government of a rebellion if they continue their anarchic rule.

“All the systems have become redundant. There is no rule of land in Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress leaders are even trying to terrorize the people. Very soon, they will have to face a rebellion from the public. During the TDP government, we used to disburse Welfare schemes irrespective of the party affliations,” Balayya said.

Balayya is one of the very few TDP who withstood YSR Congress wave in 2019 elections. He is only one of the three MLAs the party has in Rayalaseema region. He has even managed to better his 2014 majority despite YSR Congress ensuring a massive campaign against him years before the election.

It has to be seen if Balayya can manage to unfurl TDP flag on Hindupur municipality withstanding YSR Congress.