Jagananna Housing SchemeIn the past one week or so, we have seen YSR Congress Government getting into the bad press for two reasons – one is One Time Settlement (OTS) and the other is 5% land for Jagananna Housing Scheme in Private Real Estate Layouts. While the first one is directly impacting the poor, the second one indirectly impacts the middle class.

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We have already seen the House taxes go up and Power charges in the name of True-Up charges. Usually, Governments especially those of Telugu states tend not to burden the people in the first term. They try to be in the good books of the people for re-election.

Governments rarely do get elected for a third term. So, we will get to see taxing people in the second term. But then, we are into that mode even though Jagan is in the middle of his first term itself. This has become a discussion point in the people already. “If this is already the case, just imagine if he gets a second term,” the discussion has started.

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The opposition will vigorously take this into the people in the coming days. But then, given that the government is in a severe cash crunch following mindless populism, Jagan do not have a way out. It is like Mundhu Goyyi, Venuka Nuyyi Situation.