It is known to our readers that Late YSR brought Sakshi Newspaper and News Channel with the sole intention to hit Eenadu and ETV. Sakshi despite getting a massive push by the Government during YSR and Jagan’s regimes could never get into the First Place of Eenadu.

Ramoji Rao positioned himself opposite YSR due to the extreme corruption that has taken place between 2004 and 2009.

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The duel with YSR ended with the latter’s unfortunate demise in an accident.

Later, Jagan continued the enmity. However, after the defeat in 2014 elections, Jagan realized it is not easy to fight Ramoji Rao.

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Jagan met Ramoji Rao at a wedding in 2015 and sought his appointment to talk something later. He just skipped it saying it is not the right place to discuss.

A few days after that, Ramoji Rao finally agreed to give an appointment after pressure from T Subba Rami Reddy. Jagan went to the Ramoji Film City and pleaded for Eenadu’s support to his political journey. But Ramoji Rao did not agree.

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Before 2019 elections, Jagan again got the appointment of Ramoji Rao and met him in RFC in 2017. He sought support of Eenadu for his Padayatra and for the 2019 elections. Eenadu gave coverage to the Padayatra but did not do any favor in the elections.

After coming to power, Jagan resorted to Vendetta Politics on Ramoji Rao.

Jagan with the help of Undavalli Arun Kumar tried to hit the financial roots of the Eenadu group by targeting Margadarshi.

CID raided on the branches of Margadarshi with the idea of scaring the subscribers into asking for their money back but nothing happened.

Finally, CID set its foot in Ramoji Rao’s residence in the name of questioning. They troubled him and his daughter-in-law Sailaja a lot.

Jagan stooped to the level of leaking a picture of Ramoji Rao, a man in his 80s on a hospital bed.

Little did Jagan know rubbing Ramoji Rao on the wrong side is his biggest mistake?

Eenadu played a Perfect Opposition to Jagan Mohan Reddy. The tyrannical rule is riddled with blunders and corruption.

Ramoji Rao showed the mirror of what is happening in Andhra Pradesh.

The Media Baron even stopped taking all Government ads and did not bat an eyelid.

Finally, Eenadu played a very important role in defeating Jagan in the just concluded elections. Jagan was reduced to just eleven in the 175 seats of the state assembly and that may also be beginning of the end of his political career.