This week Jagan Mohan Reddy served a feast to trollers and memers. It all started with the stone attack on Jagan Mohan Reddy in Vijayawada.

Immediately after the attack, we saw Jagan with a small band-aid. Later we saw the hungama in Vijayawada Government Hospital with around two dozen doctors, and Jagan is now roaming with a big white plaster in a bid to draw some sympathy.

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Keeping aside the arguments and counter-arguments, after what happened with Kodi Kathi and Viveka’s murder just before the 2019 elections, people are not ready to believe any similar sympathy-inducing incidents that happen in Jagan’s camp.

Forget sympathy, there are trolls and memes all over social media and they spread to WhatsApp. But the YSR Congress does not realize that.

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On the other hand, Jagan’s introduction of YSR Congress candidates in Memantha Siddham meetings is also being trolled.

He is introducing his candidates as ‘Soumyudu’, ‘Manchivadu’, ‘Pedhavadu’, etc.

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Just imagine introducing Kodali Nani as Soumyudu and a big shot like Butta Renuka as poor!

There is huge anti-incumbency on the ground on YSR Congress MLAs and Incharges. Jagan also knows that and so has changed candidates at many places and changed seats of many candidates too.

He is hoping that his Button Nokkudu will supersede the anti-incumbency on the candidates.

But introducing them as ‘Soumyudu’, ‘Manchivadu’, ‘Pedhavadu’, etc is helping trollers and memers.